Our Services

NAPPR is dedicated to improving the lives of Native and non-Native families in a broad variety of ways, for a broad range of family and child needs. We have multiple home based services, where our experienced staff work directly with caregivers and children within their communities, as well as our renowned Early Head Start day care center that provides superior early development education in the heart of Albuquerque.

Home-Based Services

Whether it’s providing developmental support for infants, toddlers, and expectant mothers through our Early Head Start program, supporting Tribal communities through our Tribal Home Visiting program, or supporting special needs or at risk children through our Early Intervention program, NAPPR is dedicated to coming to you and working with you and your children in the comfort of your home. NAPPR feels strongly that the best way to support parents and children is to meet them where they are, literally and figuratively. This creates a safe, supportive environment and enables truly intimate, custom care for the caregivers and their children.

Early Head Start Center

NAPPR also provides developmental support for infants and toddlers at our Early Head Start Center. With it’s extremely low teacher to child ratio, children are assured truly attentive support from EHSC’s dedicated and experienced staff. The center is licensed through the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department and currently holds a two-star license. The Early Head Start Center is open year-around.

Since the day we first opened our doors back in 1982, NAPPR has been committed to serving the Native American community. While we currently serve both Native and non-Native caregivers and children, we are sensitive to the unique needs and experiences of Native people across all of our programs. NAPPR’s Early Intervention program has been providing culturally appropriate, holistic, relationship focused, community specific services to Native American children and families for over 36 years. Our Early Head Start program collaborates with other tribal Early Head Start / Head Start programs in Native communities. These collaborations include shared training, sharing of resources and sharing of ideas. NAPPR’s Tribal Home Visiting program in particular focuses on Native communities. Through this program, NAPPR connects experienced Native community members with caregivers to preserve and repair family relationships. NAPPR provides culturally sensitive adapted activities, developed with parent input and designed specifically for the Native American population.

NAPPR recognizes that some children, and some circumstances, call for special attention. Through our Early InterventionTribal Home Visiting and Early Head Start programs our experienced staff are attentive to the specific needs of infants and toddlers with an environmental risk such as children who are in state custody.

We provide “Circle of Security,” which strengthens the relationship between parents and their children when there’s been a disruption in that relationship.

We connect families to resources such as behavioral health and family counseling.

Through our Early Intervention Program we also provide services for children up to age three with cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, hearing loss, vision loss, and other challenging conditions. (hospital setting services / social work services, etc)

Connecting with NAPPR

Do you have a special needs child, or suspect he or she may be in an “at risk” environment? NAPPR is here to help you. click the Get Started button below, or call us at (505) 345-6289. One of our experienced staff will get in touch with you quickly to make sure your child is safe and getting the support he or she needs.