Early Intervention Program: Our People

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Amy Pickard

Director, Early Intervention Program (LCSW, DSIII/FSC)

Amy began her career after joining NAPPR in 2000 and provided direct services to families in NAPPR’s four-county service area, as a Developmental Specialist and Family Service Coordinator. With more than 20 years of experience in Early Intervention now, Amy is very passionate and dedicated to working with children and families. She completed her Bachelor’s in Child Development and Family Relations at the University of New Mexico and later attained a Master’s in Social Work from New Mexico Highlands University. Amy has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker since 2007. She used her knowledge and experience of providing social work services to families to help develop and create the social work program within NAPPR’s Early Intervention services. In June 2010, she was promoted to her current position. She enjoys providing support and guidance to her talented and skilled early intervention team.

Elizabeth “Liz”

Clinical Supervisor

Liz has been with NAPPR for more than six years, overseeing the clinical process of evaluation and eligibility determination for Early Intervention services, as well as supervising the clinical team that consists of social workers and Early Intervention Specialists. Liz is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New Mexico and holds a level three in both Infant Mental Health Endorsement, as well as a Developmental Specialist. She has a Master’s in Social Work from New Mexico State University. With more than ten years of experience in early childhood, Liz is strong believer in the power of attachment, and supporting all components of infant mental health when working with families.


Operations Manager

Donna has worked in finance and billing for more than 13 years with corporate companies. Donna began as a temp with the business office and was later hired on as a full-time employee. As the Early Intervention program grew, she was hired as an assistant and later promoted to her current position. Intrigued by the staff’s diligence and passion and how NAPPR helps families and communities, Donna has become passionate about her work and supports the Early Intervention staff the best way she can.


Lead Family Support Specialist

Sam helps children and their families reach their full potential by supporting caregivers in self-care, helping them fully enjoy their children, and by guiding them become the parents that they want to be. Sam became a full-time NAPPR employee in 2014 after interning in Early Intervention. Prior to entering the field, he worked with children in a variety of settings, including as a Mixed Martial Arts instructor. He has a Bachelor’s from University of New Mexico and a Master’s in Social Work from New Mexico State University.


Early Intervention Specialist

Sarah has always been passionate about working with children with special needs and supporting families who are raising children with disabilities. Sarah has been a childcare teacher and a developmental preschool teacher in Albuquerque Public Schools. With more than 20 years of experience in Early Childhood, Sarah has worked specifically in the field of early intervention for 15 years. She has a Bachelor’s in Child Development and Family Studies and a Master’s in Family Studies & Special Education. NAPPR has given her the opportunity to learn and grow in the field of Early Childhood for the past 9 years.

Sadie “Girt”

Family Support Specialist

Girt (Hopi-Tewa/Pueblo of Laguna) helps coach and guide families with children in special education through a complicated educational system. It was while teaching in schools, on and off the reservation, she realized the help and support required of parents who have children with special needs. With a Master’s in Multicultural Special Education, Girt has 14 years of providing home-based, family-centered Early Intervention services and seven years of providing Early Childhood Special Education in New Mexico and Northern Virginia.


Family Support Specialist

As a family support specialist, Erica’s mission is to help at-risk families. She tries to nurture caregivers, helping to build a healthy bond between child and parent, and aid in the prevention of harmful patterns from reoccurring in future generations. Erica has nearly five years of employment at NAPPR. She was previously with UNM NICU and La Familia Treatment Foster Care. She has a Master’s in Social Work with a clinical concentration.


Family Support Specialist

Heather (Pueblo of Zuni/Navajo) began her career working with homeless youth and their families. This experience eventually led her to pursue a Master’s in Social Work from New Mexico State University. She hopes to utilize her degree to join efforts in strengthening Native families and communities.


Family Support Specialist

Tara started as an intern with NAPPR until she graduated with a Master’s in Social Work with a clinical concentration from New Mexico State University. She has been a full-time employee for three years, Tara’s passion is working with families, she continues to work and grow in the area of infant mental health.


Family Support Specialist

Sarah provides support to parents and caregivers through a focus on attachment, addressing needs and bringing awareness to strengths in family relationships. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Multicultural Education from the University of New Mexico and a Master’s in Social Work with a Clinical Concentration from New Mexico Highlands University.


Lead Database Specialist

Tracy supports and helps staff directly by working with families, and takes pride in doing it to the best of her ability. Her passion comes from family success stories, which makes her work even more meaningful. Tracy has been employed with NAPPR for more than three years and has worked in the business office, the Health Education and Outreach program, and has been an Early Intervention assistant. She has an Associate’s in Medical Billing and Coding from the University of New Mexico.


Program Assistant

Sandra (Pueblo of Laguna) has been with NAPPR for more than 20 years, beginning her employment in 1995. She began as a part-time receptionist and later as a Data Entry/File Clerk and was later promoted to Database Specialist. Sandra is currently the Early Intervention program assistant. With 23 years of experience at NAPPR, she has enjoyed watching NAPPR grow and succeed. She has an Associates in Secretarial Studies from TVI. Sandra enjoys working at NAPPR and is dedicated to her work family.


File Data Entry Clerk

Judy came out of retirement after working 34 years in radio broadcasting. She joined the NAPPR team two years ago and enjoys working in a field that positively helps impact others. She knows her contributions support the diligence of the people directly working with families. Taking pride in doing her job to the best of her ability, Judy’s passion has always been her family. Her solid upbringing in a large family taught her to always love your brothers and sisters no matter what.