What is NAPPR’s service area?

NAPPR provides direct early childhood development services to families with young children in four New Mexico counties:  Bernalillo, Cibola, Sandoval and Valencia.  NAPPR’s Dental Support Center provides training, technical assistance and other support to Indian Health Service Dental Clinics throughout New Mexico and in Southern Colorado and El Paso, Texas.

Does NAPPR only serve Native Americans?

NAPPR now serves Non-Native Americans as well as Native Americans.  Some of our programs, such as the Tribal Home Visiting program are offered exclusively to Native American families with young children.  The Dental Support Center is also funded specifically to improve the oral health among Native Americans.  Our other programs are available to Native and Non-Native Americans alike.

How are NAPPR services funded?

NAPPR receives funding from a variety of sources that include state, federal, foundation and other sources of revenue.  We are continually looking for new opportunities to provide additional services to achieve our mission and for additional funding to support the work we do.  As a nonprofit organization, NAPPR services are also supported by donations from individuals and companies who wish to be a part of helping us to achieve our vision of Healthy Families * Strong Communities.

How can I learn more about NAPPR?

This website is a great place to start—visit all the pages and read about the different programs and services we offer.  You can also follow us on facebook and twitter.  If you “like” us on facebook you will receive updates and news about our program.  You can also send us an email via the “contact us” page on this website.  You can call our office at 505-345-6289 and request additional information too.

How can I help NAPPR achieve its mission and vision?

You can learn more about us, apply for an open position (jobs are advertised on this website), volunteer or make a donation.  There are lots of ways to donate—you can write us a check, click on the “donate now” button on the website—you can even SHOP to support us!  If you shop at Amazon, you can shop at “AmazonSmile,” www.smile.amazon.com, for the same exact merchandise, service, etc. you find on the regular Amazon site and select NAPPR (Native American Professional Parent Resources) and Amazon will donate .5% of your purchase directly to NAPPR!  It doesn’t cost you any more and they don’t take any administrative fees—you get your merchandise and NAPPR gets a donation.  Once you select NAPPR and save AmazonSmile in your favorites, whenever you shop at Amazon through AmazonSmile NAPPR will automatically receive a donation of .5% of your purchase price.