About Us: Our People – Administrative Staff

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Business Manager

Ruth attended CNM where she received her Associates Degree in Accounting and continues to further her education in Human Resources. She serves as NAPPR’s Business Manager. She was drawn to NAPPR because of their positive impact it has on children and their future and believes in it’s mission. Ruth shares her passion for her work with her colleagues, taking on an approachable and friendly work ethic. Ruth believes it is vital that staff have peace of mind and support as employees. Ruth is originally from Taos, has four sisters and two children. She is very involved in fitness, likes to compete in running competitions, and enjoys being an active participant in her faith.

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Mireya received a Master’s Degree in Family Studies and Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at the University of New Mexico. She believes a strong foundation within the family creates resilient children. Every child is capable of anything, it just takes time and family dedication. In her spare time, Mireya enjoys books, documentaries, and traveling. So far, she has been to Greece, Italy, Colorado, California, Connecticut and plans to visit Ireland in the upcoming year.