Staff Spotlight: Meet Jenae…

Jenae joined NAPPR in 2018 as the Program Manager for our Tribal Home Visiting Program in 2018. She is passionate about empowering families and helping them realize their strengths in raising holistic, healthy and happy children.Away from NAPPR, Jenae likes taking her children to the bookstore and checking out some quirky shops with them. She also likes to sit by the fire with some coffee, watching romance movies, eating cinnamon rolls, and having authentic Boba teas which are her favorite indulgences.

Jenae has traveled to several interesting places that include whale watching at Monterey Bay, driving along the Oregon Coast at sunrise, the Space Needle in Seattle and the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz.  Among these, her favorite place is the Boardwalk in Santa Cruz.  She has great memories of when she and her husband were younger. Jenae’s bucket list includes taking a class on contemporary dance to learn how to have rhythm. She also wants to get a tattoo.

When asked what Jenae appreciates about NAPPR, she loves the generosity of NAPPR staff, and their desire to help you succeed at your job. Everyone is so helpful, and is always willing to lend resources, tools, or other modes of support. People are so cheerful too. The people make this a great place to work.