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Children's Dental Health Month

February is Children’s Dental Health Month

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2016: Children with Special Health Care Needs

       All children need good oral health to be full body healthy.  Special health care needs don’t have to stand in the way of your child’s sparkling smile!  Your child may have dental problems as a result of their health condition or from treatments, therapies or medicine they take.  Talk with your child’s dentist and pediatrician about how medicine, treatment, or diet may affect your child’s mouth.

Your child’s health condition may affect:

  • How their teeth and oral structures will grow.
  • How the calcium is laid down in the tooth’s enamel (the tooth’s top layer) as the teeth grow
  • How much spit (saliva) your child makes in their mouth: saliva helps protects teeth.
  • How often and what your child is able to eat: soft foods and liquids do not give the teeth, gums, and muscles of the mouth the stimulation they need.  Children who use G-tubes are still at risk for cavities and may be more likely to build up calculus (tartar) on their teeth, making it important to keep their teeth and gums cleaned and cared for.



Albuquerque Area Dental Clinics: It's never too early to start planning for next year. Contact the Dental Support Center for assistance, 505.382.1666.



Each February in recognition of Children's Dental Health Month, the Albuquerque Area Dental Support Center, encourages children (through their parents and caregivers) to visit the dentist. The Dental Support Center produces an annual campaign to remind families about the importance of children’s dental health. 

In 2015, we partnered with Native America Calling to present these messages:


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